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According to research by NPD Crest, in 2013 the number of out-of-home breakfast occasions rose by 8.4% to 1.14 billion from the previous year, making it a highly profitable day part for operators of all kinds. Allegra Strategies has identified that customers will choose a breakfast outlet based on quality, price and convenience, so with a good offering, hotels can take advantage of this growth

Additionally, research from Allegra Strategies suggests that 52% of customers choose coffee in the morning, making it an essential item on breakfast menus. Coffee lends itself to many breakfast flavour pairings, including croissants, blueberries and bacon. A DaVinci Gourmet Butterscotch Latte works well with cinnamon pastries as it mixes sweet notes with spicy flavours, while Caramel Nut Mocha is surprisingly tasty with a bacon sandwich, as the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate contrasts the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon.

Consumers are more nutritionally aware than ever, and this has led to increased sales of products with ‘natural’ flavours in many sectors. The development is being made at no extra cost to customers, and is set to help operators increase their price point on speciality beverages. In Datamonitor research, 57% of global consumers said natural ingredients have a high or very high influence on their choice of drink, and in hot beverages particularly, 50% of consumers were prepared to trade up into a more natural, premium market segment.

To respond to this demand, DaVinci Gourmet has reformulated its syrups portfolio to become the largest brand free from artificial colours and flavours, while still delivering the great taste experience consumers know and love

Hotels should also take advantage of the comprehensive portfolio of DaVinci Gourmet POS materials available, which includes branded chalkboards and table talkers. These are easy and effective ways to increase footfall and let customers know about new items on the menu.

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