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Dessert flavoured drinks are growing in popularity, as many customers choose them as a way of enjoying a delicious treat, while not overindulging. More than a quarter of consumers opt for a coffee over a dessert when dining out, so having a diverse selection of flavours on offer will allow operators to capitalise on this consumer demand and increase hot drink sales to boost profit margins.

These dessert inspired recipes, can be provided as an alternative for consumers who cannot be tempted by a large dessert but are still looking for a sweet fix. A delicious recipe that incorporates the ‘dessert-beverage’ crossover trend is the Honeycomb Mocha. Great for those with a sweet tooth, the sweetness of the Honeycomb syrup works well with the sharpness of the Chocolate sauce and bitterness of the espresso.

According to a new study, descriptive menus sell better and more elaborate menus are effective in driving footfall and sales, with fanciful menu entries increasing the sales of a particular item by up to 28%. According to Technomic, the total number of speciality coffees has jumped on restaurant menus by 17% year-on-year with consumers looking for the opportunity to try something new and to personalise their drinks.

To best meet this need DaVinci Gourmet offers a complete beverage solution, including Classic syrups, Fruit Innovations syrups, Sugar-Free syrups, sauces and smoothies.

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