Looking Ahead to Spring

The long dark winter days may feel never ending, but there is warmer weather round the corner, it’s important to look forward and start planning for spring.

Bring new life to your profits by refreshing your menu with new flavours. DaVinci Gourmet has produced a directional Spring recipe platform guide to help capitalise on the trend for speciality teas, frappes, lattes and sparklers for the Spring season. Recipes include deliciously fresh options like a Peach Dream or Raspberry Burst Brew, or for something a bit more indulgent – a Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Frappe.

Research by Allegra Strategies shows that frappés are now the fourth fastest growing coffee beverage category , accounting for almost one in five of all out of home sales. In addition frappés are no longer simply a seasonal drink, but enjoyed as an afternoon pick me up or alternative to a dessert, all year round. Customers are driven by the refreshment and indulgence of the delicious iced drink, with 74% enjoying the refreshing drink at least once a week.

Smoothies are another profitable category. Just like frappés they can be served as drink-in or ‘to go’ options, supporting impulse sales. DaVinci Gourmet’s Smoothie mixes are simple to blend with ice and create less wastage than fresh fruit. The range of flavours includes consumer favourites of Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Banana and Summer Fruits, which can be mixed with DaVinci syrups to create a wide range of bespoke flavour combinations.

Get inspired by flavour and keep your menu fresh by adding theatre to speciality beverages by decorating the cup with sauces, topping with whipped cream and adding sauce or fruit pieces.