Tips and Tricks

Tips from Lani – Barista to Barista

  • When using syrup and sauce, always add syrup before sauce to ensure it doesn’t stick to the cup.
  • When making iced espresso drinks with DaVinci Gourmet syrups, combine the milk and the espresso then add ice to ensure the ice doesn’t melt.
  • Mix the DaVinci Gourmet syrup and sauces with the espresso before adding the milk to ensure even distribution.
  • Add any DaVinci Gourmt syrup to a whipped cream dispenser to create a signature whipped drink.
  • Combine multiple DaVinci Gourmet flavours to create a signature drink, which is unique to your venue (ensuring flavours compliment each other i.e. Vanilla and Cinnamon for a spiced latte).
  • Ensure pump is installed slowly to avoid any spillages. Release the top of the pump to allow the syrup to be extracted up the tube.
  • Use DVG syrups to create both hot and cold beverages.
  • Put DaVinci Gourmet sauces in drizzle pots to decorate your drinks more easily.
  • Always put DaVinci syrups and sauces into the cup first.
  • Where possible use DaVinci Gourmet sauces with premium coffee to create the ultimate speciality beverage.